"Stories" zine is a literary zine that tries to use psychoanalysis as a framework to explain, understand or share different stories, concepts and issues. 


In his book "On Kissing, Tickling, and Being Bored" psychoanalyst Adam Philips mentions: "any psychoanalytic theory that is of interest only to members of the profession is unlikely to be worth reading" and that "psychoanalysis, as a form of a conversation - is worth having only if it makes our lives more interesting, or funnier, or sadder, or more tormented, or whatever it is about ourselves that we value and want to promote; and especially if it helps us find new things about ourselves that we didn't know we could value. New virtues are surprisingly rare." He argues that psychoanalysis is simply "a story - and a way of telling stories - that makes some people feel better". 


People should be able to find spaces, projects filled with attempts to answer complicated questions and be able to self-reflect, educate themselves, feel included, and find relatable, honest texts. We are passionate about opening and liberating the discussion around uncomfortable subjects, struggles, ambivalent feelings or thoughts, and pain in general.


Philosophy, arts, literature or psychoanalysis - any discipline about humans and the world around us, should not be locked only, exclusively within academia or clinical practice. They should be integrated into our lives. These are the disciplines about people, so they should be accessible and made widely helpful - for people.

George Orwell, in his novel "1984" writes: "Perhaps one did not want to be

loved so much as to be understood." We believe feeling understood is extremely important, fundamental even, so we want to try and make our readers feel understood, through engaging and hopefully relatable texts. 

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